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“Love thy kosher vampire”

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A pretty interesting article (c) HAARETZ, 2011.

Not every bloodsucker in Western and non-Western folklore is necessarily a “vampire” though. And btw., the demagogic term “bloodsucker”, along with the idiotic “ritual murder” (blood libel) phantasma, has also been used by Christians to villainize Jews in general throughout history.

Photos (c) The so-called Estrie from Jewish mythology (above)
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“White (wo)man´s burden”?

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There seems to be othering, bullying and even racism in the animal realm, particularly among nice squirrels. At least this is the (problematic) sub-text
the Metro Herald is trying to tell…

Warsaw in the 1950s

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“Based on the stay of Michel Foucault in Warsaw in the late 50’s, Foucault’s Room is a visual exploration of the post-war architecture of Warsaw over a text riddled with innuendos about erotic encounters under scrutiny by the Communist authorities.”

Objet trouvé on MadForFoucault, 2011

“The Door Ajar”: Artaud in Ireland

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“On August 14th 1937 the French poet & theatre theorist Antonin Artaud arrived in Ireland. He had with him a walking stick he claimed to be St Patrick’s staff. His declared intention was to return this item to its rightful keepers.

Six weeks later he was arrested while trying to gain entrance to a religious house. No other records of his journey remain except for an unpaid lodgings bill and some postcards sent from Galway.”

Patrick Jolley´s film The Door Ajar (2011) uses an assembly of Artaud’s writings as the structure of a possible account of that lost time; currently on display
@ Dublin Contemporary (until 31 October 2011).

Also see > Jolley´s website (with stills & a clip taken from this fantastic film)

Homeboy Jesus

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The series Jesus is my Homeboy by the American photographer David LaChapelle on display in the Protestant French Church in St. Moritz, Switzerland, in 2008.

Pilgrimage to Hell

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Thomas Glavinic’ new novel on a trip to Medjugorje, Bosnia-Hercegovina: Unterwegs im Namen des Herren [On the road in the name of the Lord].

Troubles begin early, when the first-person narrator boards “a not quite new coach which will bring me and the other pilgrims from Vienna to Medjugorje. There every day the mother of God appears, in whom I don’t believe unfortunately.” Predictable that for an undercover atheist writer and his photographer Ingo, this must become a living hell, even if he wants to get inspired by such environment.

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Strange love for bunkers

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“Petržalka, the largest district in the Slovak capital Bratislava / Pozsony / Pressburg, is most well known for the apartment blocks of its vast public housing projects. Few of the over 100,000 inhabitants know about the silent witnesses to the (Czechoslovak) past nearby, often hidden in the undergrowth.”

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