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National(istic) Carnival in Lviv

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“Lviv re-enacts the June 30, 1941 Ukrainian National revolution (and the German invasion). Parents dress their children in ethnic outfits to applaud the men in SS uniforms. The driver of the sidecar MC even grew a little Hitler mustache. No re-enactment of the pogroms, it seems,” says Dr Per Rudling (more photos on

How tasteless is this sort of national(istic) Carneval?
It does not really come over as the re-enactment of a trauma…


Read the interview with Dr Rudling on SS recruitment in the Ukraine, the country’s contested past and the creation of false myths
in the blog Hitler’s Foreign Executioners

Or the article by Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe on The Act of 30 June 1941 and its Commemoration in Ukraine in the blog Defending History


Shadow of a Gunman: Gavril Princip´s afterlife

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The frail-looking student who on 28 June 1914 shot the Austrian crown prince Franz Ferdinand and his Czech wife Sophie does not rest in peace: Gavril Princip is one of the many ghosts that rumble in the cultural memory of Central Europe like a nocturnal flatulence.

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20 year ago, the death of Yugoslavia began…

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Rekvijum, by one of the most prominent songwriters of the country

English translation of the lyrics available here

Acoustic Postcards from the Edges of Europe

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On 16 – 17 June the Royal Historical Society (RHS) Symposium Edges of Europe: Frontiers in Context was held at Lancaster University.

The Plenary Lecture entitled Acoustic Postcards from the Edges of Europe was given by Professor Michael Beckerman, Head of Music at New York University.

His research interests include Czech and Eastern European music, Janacek, Dvorak, Martinu, nationalism, Gypsies, Mozart, Brahms, Gilbert and Sullivan, Schubert, and film music.
He received the Janacek Medal from the Czech Republic and is a Laureate of the Czech Music Council. He lectures widely and writes regularly for the New York Times.

Here you can view a video of his talk.

The Medjugorje myth is turning 30

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Visit to an illicit place of pilgrimage

When you come to Bosnia, you can read the magical name Medjugorje on hyper-modern coaches on their way through the bumpy streets of Sarajevo, bringing mostly elderly people to the place of their destination. And if you still were so naive to believe that true religion and two-fisted business are mutually exclusive, you are taught a lesson now: the money changers have long since returned to the (golden) temple, believe it or not. Continue reading