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Gender issues in Czecho/Slovakia

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This is a beer ad on a bill board near Bratislava airport; the slogan says it all…
and the head belongs to the owner of the (Czech) brewery.

Cherchez la femme” à la slovaque: a travesty of sorts.

Photo (c) by the author.


Discrimination against Roma traced back

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“Discrimination against Sinti & Roma is an inextricable part of their millennium-old history in Europe. The discrimination could be seen as an understandable reaction of the settled population to nomadic strangers. However the Roma and their advocates argue that the nomadic lifestyle is a consequence, rather than cause, of the discrimination.” >full text (c) THE IRISH TIMES, 2013

More: How Racist Assumptions fuelled the ‘Maria’ Disaster >text (c) SPIEGEL,2013

Another article: the Slovak city of Košice as ‘slumdog millionaire’?
>text & disturbing photos (c) THE DAILY MAIL, 2013

Making history: Gizi Fleischmann (1892-1944)

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Strong Central European women making history: the case of an inhabitant of Bratislava/ Pressburg/ Pozsony, Slovakia, who helped saving thousands of Jewish lives in the Holocaust. (My apologies for the bad style/translation.) >full text
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In memoriam Central Europe

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Eric Hobsbawm (1917-2012), the great historian, travels from his native Vienna to Bratislava (formerly Pressburg). A train journey of a mere 35 miles takes him through a tiny landscape that has seen some of the most turbulent political changes of the century – from the lost world of the Habsburgs to Europe’s newest state, Slovakia. ‘Nationalism is not compatible with the progress of history,’ says Hobsbawm.” video portrait (c) VIMEO, 2012

Spooky Bratislava

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“This week we are visiting the capital city nearest to Vienna. Bratislava has also been the scene of many mysterious events that have inspired people’s imagination and given rise to scary stories & legends.” >full text (c) wieninternational.a2013

Košice – European Capital of Culture 2013

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Today Košice / Kaschau / Kassa in Slovakia becomes the first city in the country’s history to be a European Capital of Culture (along with Marseille)
>text (c) 2013

Heart Break Hotels in Europe

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“What do you dream of when you stay at Hotel Kummer (German for ‘heartache’)? Who do you meet at Hotel Verloren (‘lost’)? And does breakfast at the B&B Trauer (‘grief’) leave a special taste in your mouth? Artist Conny Habbel and author Franz Adrian Wenzl went to see the most desperate hotels in Europe.” >Text & photos (album) (c) 2012