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“Vienna – Berlin: The Art of Two Cities”

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“Whereas the affinities in literature and music between Vienna and Berlin have been the subject of in-depth study in recent years, there is still a lot of ground to be covered in the visual arts. This is a desideratum that the Berlinische Galerie and the Vienna Belvedere have sought to overcome in a large-scale exhibition organized by both museums.” >review & photos (c) 2014


The Full Irish, Freudian Style

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‘His book includes at least one Irish joke, which Freud (above) considered very interesting. It’s an old joke, from the 19th century. And it must be said that, while few witticisms remain funny after Freud has analysed them, this one was struggling even before it reached the couch.’ >full text (c) THE IRISH TIMES

PS. Great Moments in Sarcasm: Freud & the Nazis

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“In 1938, after much harassment by the Gestapo, Sigmund Freud was permitted to leave Austria on the condition that he sign a document stating that he’d been treated with all the respect and consideration due to my scientific reputation, that I could live and work in full freedom.
This was, of course, completely untrue. But, as a Jew who’d been named an enemy of the Reich, his books specifically targeted for burning when the Nazis came to power in Germany five years earlier, Freud had little choice but to sign. He could not, however, resist adding a postscript: I can most highly recommend the Gestapo to everyone.” (c), 2011

Freud’s Life & Legacy – in a Comic

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“In recent years, the comic book genre has been applied to a wealth of graphic nonfiction for grownups, ranging from famous biographies to philosophy, but nowhere does the genre shine more exquisitely than in Freud — a magnificent biography-as-graphic-novel of the founding father of psychoanalysis by Swiss-born writer, economist, historian, and psychoanalyst Corinne Maier, illustrated by celebrated French cartoonist Anne Simon.”>full review (c) 2014

“Who are the protesters in Ukraine?”

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Ukraine Protests“The following is a guest post from political scientists Keith Darden (American University) & Lucan Way (University of Toronto) addressing the question of who is  protesting in Ukraine, and how much support do the protesters actually have.  Their conclusion: Ukraine’s protests may not be driven by the far right, but they are not supported by a clear majority of Ukrainians … and neither is a turn toward Europe.” >full text (c) WASHINGTON POST, 2014

“Anger in Bosnia…”

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Presidency and Government buildings on fire during protest in Sarajevo

“…, but this time the people can read their leaders’ ethnic lies. Protesters were carrying three flags side by side – Bosnian, Serb and Croat, brought together by a radical demand for justice.” >analysis by Slavoj Žižek (c) THE GUARDIAN, 2014