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“When the Devil Danced in Hungary”

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“One evening in October 2010, the Hungarian novelist László Krasznahorkai—a man in his fifties with a biblical look—appeared on the balcony of the Collegium Hungaricum in Berlin, a white modernist building that’s a block north of Unter den Linden. At the same time an image of a dog, in silhouette, was projected from inside the building onto a large window below the balcony. Without introduction or explanation, Krasznahorkai then began to speak.”>more/ review (c) NYROB, 2013


Monument-Building Boom in the Balkans

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Oluja 95

“Hundreds of war memorials have been built since the Balkan conflicts, but some governments exert no control over how much public money is spent or whether new monuments provoke ethnic tensions.” >text (c) 2013


Franz Ferdinand’s Journey around the World

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Archduke Franz Ferdinand, “the Austrian crown prince whose assassination triggered World War I, started a trip across the world in 1892. His newly published diary from the journey reveals a world of extremes, from island cannibals to skyscrapers.”>full text (c) SPIEGEL INT’L, 2013  Photo (c) DOROTHEUM, 2010

65 years since the “Luftbrücke”

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Berlin Blockade
Amazing photos from the Berlin Blockade 1948-49 (c) THE INDEPENDENT, 2013


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1369406307055-ue60krvlsm-qe8QRuf-AzgmfaSuNZukGr9axaBytoUAThis exhibition at the Vienna MUQA “explores the phenomenon of inescapable recognizability in the media and the resulting strategies of media users to become virtually faceless.
FACELESS takes a radical look at this fairly recent phenomenon of everyday media culture and shows how it manifests in visual art, fashion, photography, advertising, and dance.”
4 July – 1 Sept >more

Picture: Lady Glittersky, 2009, C-print, 121x92cm
(c) Thorsten Brinkmann, VBK, Wien 2013 and VG Bildkunst Bonn 2012

55th Venice Biennale

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Model houses of Austrian officer Peter Fritz at the main pavilion in the Giardini. It’s Biennale time again in the historical lagoon city. >full text & more photos
(c) 2013 >alternative text (c) THE GUARDIAN, 2013

How Ordinary Germans Did “It”

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sold Kopie
“Growing consciousness of the Holocaust in both academic scholarship and society in general became evident in the late 1970s and intensified in the 1980s. Initially, important research focused on the different roles of Hitler, Nazi ideology, and the structure of the dictatorship in shaping the decision-making process that led to the Holocaust. Research also concentrated on the complicity of various professions and institutions in the Third Reich, and particularly on the SS. Still lacking was careful empirical study of how Nazi racial policy was also carried out by “ordinary” Germans.” >text (c) NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS, 2013