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Finally: a good book on historical vampirism in the 18th century

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vamp copyThomas M. Bohn: Der Vampir. Ein europäischer Mythos. Köln, Weimar, Wien: Böhlau 2016. 368 S. Review in German

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Vampire Threat to Serbia?

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A recent ABC story starts: “For the people in a tiny Serbian village there is nothing sexy or romantic about a vampire. In fact, they are terrified that one of the most feared vampires of the area has been roused back to life. Rather than ‘Twilight’s’ Edward, the people of Zorazje fear that Sava Savanovic is lurking in their forested mountains of western Serbia.” >full text

Image: Sava Savanovic the vampire, of Serbian folklore (story & illustration (c) ABC, 2012).

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Undead anniversary

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The European vampire is celebrating his/her/its birthday.


On a winter day 280 years ago, a creature came out of its dark graves in the Balkans, into the bright day of the “enlightened” European public: the vampire.

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“Love thy kosher vampire”

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A pretty interesting article (c) HAARETZ, 2011.

Not every bloodsucker in Western and non-Western folklore is necessarily a “vampire” though. And btw., the demagogic term “bloodsucker”, along with the idiotic “ritual murder” (blood libel) phantasma, has also been used by Christians to villainize Jews in general throughout history.

Photos (c) The so-called Estrie from Jewish mythology (above)
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