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Faithfull’s Austrian roots

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Today is the birthday of British singer Marianne Faithfull Geburtstag. Besides, she is not only one of the most sucessful groupies of pop history (having been Mick Jagger’s lover), but also the great-grandniece of the (in)famous Austrian Ukrainian writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (Venus in Furs). Her mother and grandmother were born in Vienna and in 1945, after the end of WW2, raped by Soviet soldiers. Marianne was born in 1946 as the daughter of an English officer of the British occupation forces.


Watch a weird Wittgenstein

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“When last week we featured Bertrand Russell telling a story about his philosophical disciple Ludwig Wittgenstein, I mentioned in passing a film about the latter by Derek Jarman” shot 20 years ago. >more (c) open culture 2013

Ludwig Wittgenstein & ‘Fuzzy’ Photography

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“For the unsentimentally cerebral Wittgenstein, a photograph is not a memorial, but a ‘probability’. The philosopher’s archive at the University of Cambridge includes the photograph above, a true ‘probability’ in that it does not represent any one person but is a composite image of his face and the faces of his three sisters, made in collaboration with the ‘founding father of eugenics,’ Francis Galton.” (Well, I don’t buy the latter, since Galton dies in 1911…) >full text (c) OPEN CULTURE, 2013


Wittgenstein – The Duty of Genius

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VR_13_5_p7_cover_duty-of-genius“Assessing the life of a philosopher may be a writer’s greatest challenge – with few individuals do the spiritual and emotional realms play such a prominent role in moulding professional consequences. With that in mind, author Ray Monk sets off on a very specific quest in Ludwig Wittgenstein: Duty of Genius – to draw, where countless others have failed, an unbroken line between the work of the philosopher and the man himself.” >review (c) VIENNA REVIEW, 2013



“Yellow Street”

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“Mean husbands, despairing servant girls, lecherous café owners and a snapping dog: these are just some of the protagonists who breathe life into the novel “Yellow Street”(1990) by Veza Canetti (1897-1963).” >text & photo album
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Why DracuLand still stokes British anxieties

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Past and present attitudes to Romanian and Bulgarian immigration in the UK
>full text & illustration (c) BBC HISTORY, 2013

Denigrating or understanding Irish neutrality?

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Photo by Aidan Crawley / IT: “A German Nazi flag from the second World War at the National Maritime Museum in Dún Laoighaire. “Ireland’s geographic position, small size and strategic interests would dictate that it could not be absolutist about its foreign policy” True or false? Continue reading