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Ukrainian ‘genocide envy’?

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The heated debate about the Canadian Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg and its representation of Holocaust and “Holomodor”: Ukrainian organizations in conflict with international scholars (see the open letter by the latter and an article in The Globe & Mail on the subject matter)


Habsburg, postcolonial

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The idea is not really new. ‘Postcolonial approaches’ to the late Habsburg Monarchy are already to be found in Robert Musil’s famous novel Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften (“The Man Without Qualities”), and we can find instances of such a view with other contemporary observers as well, such as the Viennese art historian Hilde Zaloscer. Born in 1903 to a middle class, German-speaking Jewish family in Banja Luka, Bosnia, Zaloscer and her family fled to Vienna after the First World War, and then, in 1938, further to Alexandria, Egypt.

In her autobiography entitled Eine Heimkehr gibt es nicht (“There’s No Coming Home,” Vienna 1988), she repeatedly compares her “happy childhood days […] ‘on a volcano’”* with her Egyptian exile which at the time was de facto still under colonial rule:

“Basically it was the same constellation as in Bosnia before the First World War. There, too, a foreign ethnic group – in this case, the Austrians – in a country appropriated through violence, kept the people at an educationally inferior level by means of skillful politics.” (p. 129)* Continue reading

“The unbearable monotony of stereotypes”

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Damir Nikšić is a Stockholm-based artist from Sarajevo (°1960).
His videos, installations, and performance work address
Orientalism in culture and cross-cultural psychology.

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Heimat Altar?

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. Photo (c)ruthner, Sarajevo 2011

Lawrence Durrell: Sarajevo

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And down at last into this lap of stone
Between four cataracts of rock: a town
Peopled by sleepy eagles, whispering only
Of the sunburnt herdsman’s hopeless ploy:
A sterile earth quickened by shards of rock
Where nothing grows, not even in his sleep,
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Vienna (quote)

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“Vienna. The city that will become your coffin. It is not a city of good taste. Not of peace either, nor of animated contentment, as it tries to simulate. Vienna is telling lies with its facades and its people, it is full of lively demons of the past…”

IGOR ŠTIKS, Die Archive der Nacht, Berlin 2009, p. 19 (transl. mine)

Special bonus track: “Vienna, only you…”?

Human Rights in Hungary

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A report by the US State Department
to be read as a piece of cultural analysis.

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