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Thomas Bernhard in Delhi

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Thomas Bernhard, “the great Austrian author, created several curious characters in his short play The German Lunch Table. (…) When I first read the play, I wondered if it could be adapted for Indian stage, especially in the context of the Sikh pogrom in November 1984 in the days following the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards.” A contribution to the cultural memory debate re: political violence from a cross-cultural perspective. >full text & photo/s
(c) India Ink / NYT, 2013


“The EU & the Habsburg Monarchy”

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“The threat that the EU now faces is as deadly as the one that confronted the Habsburg Monarchy a hundred years ago, writes British diplomat Robert Cooper, one of the intellectual architects of EU foreign policy. But getting it right does not need a miracle.”>full text & image (c) eurozine / IM, 2013

“Mexiko Max”

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A “beautiful corpse” from the Habsburg collection is on display in Vienna.

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Croatia’s first (female) reporter

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“Today everyone in Croatia knows the works of Marija Jurić Zagorka. This has not been always the case as it took the Croatian public quite long to recognise and acknowledge the significance of Zagorka’s contribution to equality between men and women.” >full text (c) 2013

Mauthausen: Life in the Details

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104ND800_-DSC_1734-e1370341829988-214x300“A bicycle from Poland. Pieces of a Messerschmitt fighter plane from U.S. Air Force archives in Alabama. Camp log books from Caen. An embroidered handkerchief, tossed out a prison window by a woman on her way to execution for helping Allied paratroopers. A rusty watchtower searchlight, unearthed just last year. Wedding rings, watches & photos confiscated upon arrival here 1938-45.
On 5 May, two new permanent exhibitions were opened at Austria’s concentration camp memorial at Mauthausen along with a Room of Names – all part of an ongoing redesign scheduled for completion in 2018.”>full text (c) THE VIENNA REVIEW, 2013

“Tragic massacre(s) in Volyn remembered”

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“Ukrainians call it a tragedy, for Poles it was a massacre. Between February 1943 and February 1944, units of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) killed up to 100,000 Poles in Volyn and eastern Galicia, former Polish territories now in western Ukraine. (…) Around 20,000 Ukrainians also died at the hands of Poles or Ukrainians who saw them as too close to the hated occupiers.”
>full article (c) THE ECONOMIST, 2013

Wilhelm Reich: genius, charlatan, victim?

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10e5f05792a98f730d0620b33a756068 “It was the greatest incidence of scientific persecution in American history.

In July of 1947, Dr Wilhelm Reich—a brilliant but troubled psychoanalyst who had once been Freud’s most promising student, who had enraged the Nazis and the Stalinists as well as the psychoanalytic, medical and scientific communities, who had survived two World Wars and fled to New York—was dying in a prison cell in Lewisberg, Pennsylvania, accused by the government of being a medical fraud engaged in a ‘sex racket’.” >more (c) 2013