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Kulturkampf in Budapest

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Little Warsaw: The Battle of Inner Truth – Budapest, 2011

(while a cultural struggle of sorts is taking place in Hungary…)

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Images of an era

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Until the end of January everyone has a chance to immerse themselves in the world of Austrian photography after 1945 > MORE
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k. & k. Manhunter

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Set in a world that has faded from living memory, The Sojourn by the Slovak American author Andrew Krivak is a searing coming-of-age story about a sniper in the Austrian Army on the Italian front in the First World War.


Grande dame of Austrian anthropology

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“Etta Becker-Donner was a pioneer in the field of anthropology. She would have turned 100 this year. Her birthday comes as a welcome occasion for the Museum of Ethnology in Vienna to commemorate the great field researcher, scientist and former museum director with a small, but fine exhibition” > MORE

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City within the city

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Metelkova: 18 years of utopian freedom in Ljubljana

Copenhagen has Christiania, Berlin has Tacheles, and Ljubljana has Metelkova City, its very own autonomous cultural center.

Metelkova is situated in the former barracks of Yugoslav People’s Army which were left abandoned after Slovenia became independent in 1991. Some 200 volunteers squatted the premises in 1993 after their formal request to use the barracks as artistic space fell on deaf ears.

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20 years ago: the Soviet Union dies

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“No Ceremony, Only Chimes…”

Obituary by the NEW YORK TIMES, 1991

Here comes the “Christkind”

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The Central European competitor of Santa Claus…

> article by Roman Sandgruber, historian

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