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“The Tolstoy of Transylvania”

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“In his column in the Daily Telegraph, former editor Charles Moore praises Miklós Bánffy as ‘the Tolstoy of Transylvania’. Ardent Banffyites like yours truly are always pleased when the Hungarian novelist gets attention in the English-speaking world, which happens all too rarely. (…) Simply put,  Bánffy is a must-read.” Reblogged text (c), 2008


Attacks, re-interpretations & body images

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Until 27 March every Tuesday is a must-go movie day on which the Viennese organisation sixpackfilm takes a closer look at the development of Austrian experimental cinema in the Filmhauskino. >More info (c), 2012

“Astral paintings & cultural ruins”

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Until the end of May you still have the chance to immerse yourself in Anselm Kiefer’s gloomy artistic world – at the exhibition taking place at the Essl Museum in Klosterneuburg, Lower Austria. >Read more

“Whores’ Glory”

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Whore’s Glory is the last movie in Austrian director Michael Glawogger’s trilogy about the globalization of the proletariat, which also includes Megacities (1998) and Workingman’s Death (2005). It deals with prostitution inside three culturally different environments (Thailand, Bangladesh, Mexico), stepping deeper into the world’s oldest profession than any film before.” >MORE / interview, stills, trailer
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Yanko Tsvetkov’s stereotype maps

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“It’s well known that Americans have a disarmingly blunt view of other nationalities, but seeing such brazen prejudices laid out, country by country, might shock even them. This is the world as depicted by graphic artist Yanko Tsvetkov. It is also a world in which gay men view Ireland as ‘being in denial’ and Greeks see the rest of Europe as a ‘Union of Stingy Workaholics’. Plus, read Tim Dowling’s interview with Yanko Tsvetkov: ‘Is it what they think of us?'” (c) THE GUARDIAN, 2012

>More maps

Racist row in Ukraine

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“Ukrainian singer Gaitana won the hearts of the judges in her bid to represent her country in the Eurovision Song Contest this year. However, the 32-year-old, who was born in Kiev to a Congolese father and a Ukrainian mother has scored, “nul points” from a politician who has said she is not representative of Ukraine because of the colour of her skin.” > Story & video (c) euronews, 2012


Undead anniversary

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The European vampire is celebrating his/her/its birthday.


On a winter day 280 years ago, a creature came out of its dark graves in the Balkans, into the bright day of the “enlightened” European public: the vampire.

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