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Hedy Lamarr: inventor & movie star

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The Austrian-born American diva Hedy Lamarr “was feted for her beauty — but she also had a talent for inventions, including elements of today’s GPS.”

Article by Peter Conradi (c) THE SUNDAY TIMES, 2011

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Artie Schnitzler meets David Lynch

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Weit.Way.Land, a cool and witty production combining Schnitzler’s Undiscovered Country and David Lynch’s Lost Highway, which can still be seen at Vienna’s Off Theater through the end of January.”

>MORE (c), 2011

A bit of science fiction: the New Europe, AD 2021

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A prognosis by Niall Ferguson, Harvard professor of history: the UK and Ireland reunited, plus a Nordic League; both entities outside the “United States of Europe” under German leadership (and Vienna as its capital).

A probable scenario or just an overwrought academic mind going berserk? Interesting is the way how underlying (national) stereotypes of angst and desire inform this narrative…

Article (c) THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, 19 Nov. 2011
Map illustration by Peter Arkle.

PS. review of Ferguson´s book Civilisation: The West and the Rest
(c) LRB, 2011

Playing Doctor in Central Europe

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The GuTTenberg Galaxy: a paradise for (false) academic titles?

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Nazi propaganda posters in Serbia during WW2

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“One of the issues the Nazi authorities faced with the local population during four years in occupied Belgrade (1941-1945) was how to fight the ideological influence of both the Soviet Marxist-Leninism and Anglo-American liberal democracy.

Among various other propaganda techniques, a well established means of mass political advertising were posters. Although the Nazis never reached the avant-garde coolness of Soviet design, it is certainly interesting to see how the German propaganda machinery worked (…).”

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A non-profit ad…

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Discover Bosnia is a 16 day trip for anyone wanting a vacation experience that is as personally challenging as it is adventure-filled. With a particular focus on the conflict that tore Bosnia apart during the early 90’s, participants will connect both intellectually and emotionally with the war’s legacy.

Discover Bosnia runs annually every July – interested? > LINK

R.I.P. Austrian comedian (1922-2011)

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“Georg(e) Kreisler, one of Austria’s most prolific satirists & comedians, has died.  Continue reading