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“Save Walter Benjamin from his fans!”

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Today it is 72 years ago that Walter Benjamin committed suicide at the French-Spanish border. Stephan Wackwitz dissevers literature from science, holiness from genius in the legends of this literary critic who has served as pillar saint for many.

Text (c) DIE WELT /, 2010

Image: the monument Passages by Israeli artist Dani Karavan in Portbou, Spain, commemorating Walter Benjamin. Photo (c) picture-alliance / akg-images


Rewarded Love

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Austrian French director MICHAEL HANEKE won the Special Award at the Cannes Film festival with his new movie Amour: see the review (c) NYT, 2012


“The Shadowy Soul of Joseph Roth”

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“In a collection of his letters newly-translated and edited by [our dear young colleague] Michael Hofmann, Joseph Roth is given a new stage for his linguistic genius and vigilant criticism, as well as his inability to use that critical vision to save himself from himself.” Review (c) THE VIENNA REVIEW, 2012

Hospital on the Rocks

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Most of the visitors strolling in the castle area of Buda(pest) probably don’t know that beneath their feet in the depths there is a strange and completely different world: the Sziklakórház, a network of caves which was used in Hungary’s turbulent past as a hospital, nuclear and civil defence bunker, air raid warning centre and headquarters of the German SS.” It has been turned into a speculative museum rather than into a memorial… Text (c) 2012

In memoriam WSD 1942-2008

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“The funeral of germanist Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler in Vienna´s Zentralfriedhof. His lectures on Austrian literature at the university of Vienna were always crowded and a large crowd of friends, colleagues and students turned up to bid him farewell. Continue reading

Reading Viennese Actionism

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No Austrian art movement of the 20th century has created such a stir as the so-called Viennese Actionism. Legal action was taken against the transgressive artists because of their body-oriented performances for indecent behavior, violating morals and disturbing public peace. They were vilified in the press and received public threats: legendary vents that have made (art) history > book review

Photo: the legendary “Art & Revolution” performance @ NIG, Auditorium I (University of Vienna), 7 June 1968
(c) 2012


In the footsteps of Josefine Mutzenbacher

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What does ‘Bambi’ have to do with a Viennese prostitute of the 19th century? What is the ‘cushion method’ or even a ‘porcelain ride’? These and similar questions are answered in the guided walk ‘Josefine Mutzenbacher – the paths of desire in Old Vienna’. Curious?”

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