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“How History Broke Us”

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“How to tell the story of the rise and destruction of European Jews? Perhaps the most compelling way is through family history, as David Laskin does in his fascinating new book.” >review & photo (c) THE DAILY BEAST, 2013


“Berlin Exhibition on Judaism Hits a Nerve”

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“Bill Glucroft is not an expert on the Torah, Israeli politics or the Holocaust. But on Thursday afternoon he fielded questions on each of those subjects from visitors to the Jewish Museum here in the German capital as part of a new exhibition.

To critics of the show, called “The Whole Truth” and intended to demystify Jewish life for a curious but largely uninformed German public, it was neither the questions nor the answers that were controversial, but where Mr. Glucroft sat: in a glass box, like just another exhibit.”>full text & photo (c) NYT, 2013


How A Old/Holy Book Was Saved

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A recent BBC documentary on how a 700 year old Jewish holy book was protected by the people of Sarajevo, during the 1992-1995 war. It is the oldest Jewish holy book still in use worldwide. (c) BBC & YouTube, 2012


“Today’s Jewish Life In Vienna”

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“A snapshot in time: Vienna Today 2012 documents a ­thriving community.”
>full text (c) VIENNA REVIEW, 2013

Debated circumcision

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A fierce debate has been raging in Germany and Austria for weeks how ‘lawful’ the religiously motivated circumcision of little Jewish and Muslim boys is… Does it conflict with the basic human rights of personal integrity and self-determination? Or is it a sign of closet xenophobia against religious groups? See the articles below.

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“Love thy kosher vampire”

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A pretty interesting article (c) HAARETZ, 2011.

Not every bloodsucker in Western and non-Western folklore is necessarily a “vampire” though. And btw., the demagogic term “bloodsucker”, along with the idiotic “ritual murder” (blood libel) phantasma, has also been used by Christians to villainize Jews in general throughout history.

Photos (c) The so-called Estrie from Jewish mythology (above)
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