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“Redacting Racism”?

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Kleine Hexe
Edit of Classic Children’s Book Hexes Publisher

“A German publisher is being accused of excessive political correctness for removing controversial language from a classic children’s book, sparking debate about how to handle outdated and offensive words in the genre.”

>article (c) DER SPIEGEL, 2013



“Murdered, buried, denied”

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If “writing poem about Auschwitz is barbaric, as German philosopher Theodor W. Adorno claimed: what about feature films on genocide? In this case Body Complete (about the Srebrenica massacre) by Austrian director Lukas Sturm >interview (c) 2013

What the Soldaten did

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Soldaten: On Fighting, Killing and Dying
The Secret Second World War Tapes of German POWs

“A new book (by Sönke Neitzel & Harald Welzer) based on transcripts of secretly recorded conversations between German prisoners of war reveals much about the involvement of ordinary soldiers in the atrocities committed by the Third Reich.” >review & photo (c) IT, 2013

The “Banality of Evil” & Philosophy

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The new German film by Margarethe Trotta on the German American philosopher Hanna Arendt & the Holocuast organizer Adolf Eichmann is out. And Arendt’s original articles on the “Banality of Evil” are avialable in the New Yorker archive >text (c) OPEN CULTURE / FILM,HISTORY 2013

Spooky Bratislava

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“This week we are visiting the capital city nearest to Vienna. Bratislava has also been the scene of many mysterious events that have inspired people’s imagination and given rise to scary stories & legends.” >full text (c) wieninternational.a2013

Košice – European Capital of Culture 2013

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Today Košice / Kaschau / Kassa in Slovakia becomes the first city in the country’s history to be a European Capital of Culture (along with Marseille)
>text (c) 2013

Stalin’s Shadow

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“Having brilliantly documented the horror of Stalin’s Soviet terror machine in her Pulitzer Prize-­winning Gulag, author Anne Applebaum now offers a bulky sequel, Iron Curtain, about the brutal effort of that same machine to crush and colonize Eastern Europe in the first decade after World War II. Her evidence, once again drawn from archival research and some survivor interviews, is overwhelming and convincing. But the heart of her story is hardly news.” >review & photo (c) NYT, 2012