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“A History Lesson, Airbrushed”

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Ganzseitiger Faxausdruck

Generation War, which was broadcast as a mini-series on German television last year, is perhaps more interesting as an artifact of the present than as a representation of the past. As tWW2 slips from living memory, as Germany asserts its dominant role in Europe with increasing confidence, and as long-suppressed information emerges from the archives of former Eastern bloc countries, the war’s cultural significance for Germans has shifted.”>review (c) NYT, 2014
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Watch a weird Wittgenstein

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“When last week we featured Bertrand Russell telling a story about his philosophical disciple Ludwig Wittgenstein, I mentioned in passing a film about the latter by Derek Jarman” shot 20 years ago. >more (c) open culture 2013

“For those who can tell no tales”

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Jasmila Zbanic‘s “brave drama commemorates the victims of atrocities in 1990s Bosnia, making a substantial impression despite a short running time. She commemorates the more than 3,000 Bosniaks murdered during ethnic cleansing in the Visegrad area in the 1990s, especially the women tortured in rape encampments.” Thus, her movie van be seen as a direct response to the nationalitic Potemkin Village project of another Bosnian director: Emir Kusturica. See the full review (c) 2013 Cf. the text on Kusturica in THE GUARDIAN, 2012

‘The Fragmentary, Mystical Thought of W.B.’

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“The 1993 experimental film above—One Way Street: Fragments for Walter Benjamin—is part documentary, part low-budget cable-access editing exercise. The film provides an introduction to Benjamin’s life and thought through interviews with scholars, re-enactments of his last days, and montages centered around his many aphoristic expressions.” >full text (c) open culture 2013

>another film: Flâneur III: Benjamin’s Shadow (1998)


“Lowbrow in High Places”

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Liebesgr¸fle aus der Lederhose I
“Four decades ago, the southern German state of Bavaria became the birthplace of a film genre like no other: the Lederhosen Porn. The alpine meadows were rugged, the men wore leather trousers, the porn was soft — and Germany was hooked.” Today, these films tell us much about zeitgeist, sexuality and gender in the 1970s >full text (c) DER SPIEGEL INT’L, 2013

“The Adventures of Prince Ahmed”

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This is the first known/preserved animated film (Lotte Reiniger, Germany, 1926)
and a striking example of popular Orientalism in early Modernism as well.

>more info

“Murdered, buried, denied”

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If “writing poem about Auschwitz is barbaric, as German philosopher Theodor W. Adorno claimed: what about feature films on genocide? In this case Body Complete (about the Srebrenica massacre) by Austrian director Lukas Sturm >interview (c) 2013