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3 cool CEE travel tips 4 the summer

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Part 1: Belgrade, Bratislava, Budapest

Part 2: Bucharest, Krakow, Ljubljana, Prague

Part 3: Moscow, Sarajevo, Sofia, Zagreb

(c), Summer 2011


Neglecting the Lithuanian Holocaust?

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An article by the historian Timothy Snyder (Yale University)
who published the controversial & thought-provoking book Bloodlands recently

(c) NYR, 2011

Freud’s Cocaine Years

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> On April 21, 1884, a 28-year-old researcher in the field now called neuroscience sat down at the cluttered desk of his cramped room in Vienna General Hospital and composed a letter to his fiancée, Martha Bernays, telling her of his recent studies: “I have been reading about cocaine, the effective ingredient of coca leaves,” Sigmund Freud wrote, “which some Indian tribes chew in order to make themselves resistant to privation and fatigue.” < . READ MORE >

PS. On 20 July 2011, Freud´s grandson Lucian, a prominent British painter,
died at the age of 88   > OBITUARY    > SLIDESHOW

“Srebrenica Health Spa”

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  The Unbearable Lightness of Being Dead

There are many crime scenes where the idea of Europe was murdered in the “short” 20th century. One of them certainly is Srebrenica in eastern Bosnia, the place where the largest massacre after the Second World War executed by military personnel took its course.

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“Un cadavre”: Otto Von is Dead

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Obituary by Gavin Plumley and Entartete Musik, 2011

So Austria’s Posthabsburg Stress Disorder syndrome is over…?

Eyewitness: 20th century Hungarian photography

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Brassaï, Capa, Kertész, Moholy-Nagy, Munkácsi

exhibition @ Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK

Sackler Wing of Galleries
30 June—2 October 2011

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