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On the Other Side

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Alfred Kubin and his 1909 novel Die andere Seite

Biographic loss & the fantastic in art

Kubin, whose father was a land surveyor, was born in Leitmeritz (Litoměřice), Bohemia, in 1877. He spent his early days in Salzburg and Zell am See, Austria. In 1887 his mother died. From 1892-96 he was a photographer’s apprentice in Klagenfurt. Then he started studying Fine Arts in Munich in 1898 and dropped out again in 1899. However, Kubin remained in the Bavarian capital and joined the local art scene. His father died in 1908.

After seeing Max Klinger´s series of etchings entitled Paraphrase über den Fund eines Handschuhs (“Paraphrase on the Finding of a Glove“) in 1899, the young artist lived through a veritable creative frenzy, an “invasion of black and white visions” which lasted until 1903. He soon acquired a reputation for being a graphic artist and book illustrator specializing in uncanny, grotesque and allegorical subjects. “I am the organizer of the uncertain, hermaphroditic, shadowy, dream-like,” he wrote in a letter on 9 January 1908.

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Why ‘Highbrow’ & ‘Lowbrow’ Don’t Work

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Review by Maria Popova
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Is Modernism the new Postmodernism?

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As Post-Modernism’s star wanes, Andrew Thacker observes, a diverse,
multivalent Modernism is drawing fresh scholarly attention > article
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Silly Season in Austria?

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When your hair stands on end under the royal colander

In the summer, when nothing but the bad weather can really shake people, three memorable events occurred in the schnitzel-shaped heart of Europe. Their structure is basically the same: they are all about how groups should be represented in a democratic society where the desperate longing of some can be simply annoying to others. Culture, as we have learned from theorists like Stuart Hall, is always a “struggle for meaning.”

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Anniversary of a Wall

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More videos & texts (c) THE GUARDIAN, 2011  > LINK

The Games The Nazis Played

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The Olympics in Berlin, 1936:

Article by David C. Large (c) NYT, 2011

Material culture: Terezín

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Places like Theresienstadt (above) or Auschwitz show how connected the Habsburg heritage and the Nazi era are in Central Europe. In some cases, like in Western Ukraine (Galicia), the Austro-Hungarian past even seems to be the prehistory of genocide.

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