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Sarajevo, before the storm of history

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A photo by Auguste Léon taken on 15 Oktober 1912 in Sarajevo (c) SZ, 2013


“… with all means at its disposal”

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“In 2014, most European countries will commemorate the start of the First World War 100 years ago. Among the numerous publications to appear to date is a book from Carl Gerold’s Publishers, which contains numerous hitherto unpublished photographs.” >text & album (c) 2013


The Baltic states

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in Soviet times, seen through the lens of local photographers.
>slideshow (c) 2013

Sleeping sunbathers in Lithuania

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“Photographer Tadao Cern spent a weekend photographing people as they slept on a public beach in Lithuania. The art project, entitled Comfort Zone, aims to explore how different surroundings can affect people’s behaviour and inhibitions.” >more (c) THE GUARDIAN, 2013

Photographer & Soviet spy with a conscience

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“When Edith Tudor-Hart wasn’t working as a Soviet agent, she was taking lovingly realistic portraits of London’s workers and street children. Now, for the first time, a retrospective is celebrating her double life.” >full text (c) THE TELEGRAPH, 2013

Ludwig Wittgenstein & ‘Fuzzy’ Photography

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“For the unsentimentally cerebral Wittgenstein, a photograph is not a memorial, but a ‘probability’. The philosopher’s archive at the University of Cambridge includes the photograph above, a true ‘probability’ in that it does not represent any one person but is a composite image of his face and the faces of his three sisters, made in collaboration with the ‘founding father of eugenics,’ Francis Galton.” (Well, I don’t buy the latter, since Galton dies in 1911…) >full text (c) OPEN CULTURE, 2013


Heart Break Hotels in Europe

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“What do you dream of when you stay at Hotel Kummer (German for ‘heartache’)? Who do you meet at Hotel Verloren (‘lost’)? And does breakfast at the B&B Trauer (‘grief’) leave a special taste in your mouth? Artist Conny Habbel and author Franz Adrian Wenzl went to see the most desperate hotels in Europe.” >Text & photos (album) (c) 2012