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Leipzig is the new Berlin

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“Berlin used to be Germany’s hippest city, but the once scruffy capital has long since succumbed to gentrification. The latest city to attract the creative class is the former East German industrial seat of Leipzig. Moving in by the thousands, they are lured by the euphoric buzz of cheap rent and youthful ingenuity.”
Text & photos (c) SPIEGELonline, 2012


Interview with HER

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Interview (c) MoMa / YouTube, 2012

A current exhibition of Marina Abramović‘s works is currently on @ Gallery Krinzinger, Vienna.

“Wild Hungarians”

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“Green skin, women painted in shades of sulphur yellow or mountains in red: something that caused a scandal 100 years ago has now become part of the art history’s standard repertory.” Review of an exhibition @ the Kunstforum in Vienna (c) 2012

“All the news that’s fit to . . . draw”

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“Comic-book journalism is a rare phenomenon, and there are few better practitioners than Joe Sacco. The work might be labour intensive, but the results can tell stories that other media can’t.” >Full text (c) IRISH TIMES, 2012

Wittgenstein in Ireland

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The late Austrian British philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein spent the
last years of his life partly in Ireland.  >chronicle   >article

Balkan Gay Pride Made Joyful

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“A homophobic, middle-aged Serbian gangster ends up sacrificing himself to protect Gay freedom in his country…” The surpise success movie in the Western Balkans this Fall. It promotes nothing less than the Utopian reconcilation of the ex-Yugoslav peoples (or, of their gangsters, at least;) over the protection of Serbian LGBT rights. Or does it take to be a mobster to support gays and lesbians (which would be a less nice message)?

How would you like your coffee?

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“Coffee bar owner sparks row by banning pushchairs: Ralf Rüller installs stone bollard to keep buggies out of café in Berlin.” An interesting – and controversial – example of coffee(house) culture in the 21st century and its changes over the last 100 years. Text & photo (c) THE GUARDIAN, 2012