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Friedrich Kittler (1943-2011)

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Obituary for the imspiringly controversial German ex-hippie
and cultural theorist who was called “the Derrida of the media age”,
by Stuart Jeffries (c) The Guardian, 2011


“Vanished Kingdoms”

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Norman Davies´s History of Half-Forgotten Europe
(Allen Lane, RRP£30, 848 pg). Review (c) FT, 2011

Bird brain or canard?

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“Birds with smaller brains, such as the goldfinch (above) have not been able to cope with the changes unleashed by the demise of Communism in eastern Europe, scientists found.” Article (c) The Telegraph, 2011

Popstar or Classic?

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“When you think of rock n’ roll, Franz Liszt might not be the first name that comes to mind. But the classical pianist, born 200 years ago today, was in many ways the first rock star of all time.” Article (c) NPR, 2011

“River water music for diehards”

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The Story of Dragoljub Milanović: a true Handke indeed.

“This is not a sermon, but (…) a story. A story to tell, if necessary, to a woodpile or an empty snail shell or even to myself alone, by the way not for the first time –”*

Peter Handke’s narrator, the self-appointed chronicler of Dragoljub Milanović’ Story, suffers from a strangely missionary pessimism that leads him to formulate unbearably beautiful sentences like the one quoted. And if no one listens to him, he is just going to talk to his “shoelace”, the “nutcracker”, or even a “worn-out doormat.”

‘Talk to the hand,” evil tongues of Americanized origin probably would tell him, but in Continue reading

Milena Mrazović(-Preindlsberger), 1863-1927

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The First Female Newspaper Editor & Publisher of Sarajevo

This paper is a biographical sketch on the first woman in Bosnia and Herzegovina ever to take the position of the chief editor, publisher and owner of a newspaper. This Croatian-born writer, and journalist was in charge of the newspaper Bosnische Post (published in the German language, 1884-1918) between 1889 to 1896.”

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“When cartoonist Art Spiegelman published his epic Holocaust graphic novel, Maus, 25 years ago, a lot changed. He received a special Pulitzer Prize and became a contributor and cover artist for the New Yorker.

Maus blends the stories of Spiegelman’s trying relationship with his father and a horrifying tale of Auschwitz, as seen through his father’s eyes. Spiegelman drew the Jews as mice and the Germans as cats. But Maus has continued to haunt him.

MetaMaus: A Look Inside a Modern Classic, Maus is the story behind Spiegelman’s signature work, complete with interviews, answers to many persistent questions and examples of his early drawings.”

>> SOUND FILE & ARTICLE (c) npr, 2011