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‘Banality of Evil’ Revisited

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Hannah Arendt employed this memorable phrase in both the subtitle and closing words of Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil, her book on the trial of Nazi lieutenant-colonel Adolf Eichmann. To Arendt’s mind, Eichmann willingly did his part to organize the Holocaust — and an instrumental part it was — out of neither anti-semitism nor pure malice, but out of a non-ideological, entirely more prosaic combination of careerism and obedience. Readers have argued ever since its publication about this characterization, and those with a special interest in how Arendt arrived there can find in the New Yorker‘s online archives the original series of “Eichmann in Jerusalem” articles out of which the book grew.”>full text
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Guided Tour to a City’s Corruption

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“While the Prague Castle, above, is a must-see for visitors, a bus tour of a variety of city sites known for corruption has been a growing tourist attraction, according to the tour operators.” >full text (c) NYT, 2013; photo (c) Mlan Bures, IHT

Street Art in Vienna

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Following its traces in streets & galleries >full text (and more pics)
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‘The Fragmentary, Mystical Thought of W.B.’

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“The 1993 experimental film above—One Way Street: Fragments for Walter Benjamin—is part documentary, part low-budget cable-access editing exercise. The film provides an introduction to Benjamin’s life and thought through interviews with scholars, re-enactments of his last days, and montages centered around his many aphoristic expressions.” >full text (c) open culture 2013

>another film: Flâneur III: Benjamin’s Shadow (1998)