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The Long Shots of Sarajevo

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On 28 June 1914, the primal scene of the “short 20th century” (Hobsbawm) took place: the ATTENTAT / Sarajevo Assassination, when the Bosnian Serbian student Gavrilo Princip shot the Habsburg crown prince Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie. We organized an international on-site conference in Sarajevo and the proceedings were published in Bosnian/Serbo-Croatian and in German/English. Below, you can find a few links leading to our thematic photo albums:

>>Visual representations of the Attentat
>>Paraphernalia: the material culture of the Attentat
>>Places of memory of the Attentat
>>Shadow of a Gunman: Gavrilo Princip & Popular Culture

PS. Text by co-editor Vahidin Preljevic in BCS>>