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Nazi merchandising?

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A MEN’S clothes store in India is being asked to change its name after the chosen ‘Hitler’ upsets the local community.”

Summer canard, naïveté or evil business – taking the vile merchandising & ‘branding’ of Nazi history a step further…?

And what is the Gandhi-Tshirt suupposed to mean?


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Anti-Semitic cartoon posted by HC Strache

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“An Austrian politician has caused a furious backlash after he posted a grotesque cartoon on his Facebook page, showing a banker with a hooked nose and Star of David cufflinks.” >full text (c) HUFFINGTON POST 2012

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Youth against Nazism

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“A short account of the Schlurfs, working
class Austrian youth who rejected the
values of Nazism” (c) 2012

Kusturica’s Nationalist Disneyland

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“On 28 June, which is the anniversary of the battle of Kosovo, the Bosnian Serb film maker was going to inaugurate Andrićgrad: a town (theme park?) built to celebrate the work of writer Ivo Andrić. Belgrade journalist Boško Jakšić dénonces a project, which he claims is intent on instrumentalising history and memory for nationalist ends.” Full text (c) 2012

Another text (c) THE GUARDIAN, 2012


Peter Sloterdijk’s “Bubbles”

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Bubbles is the first volume of Peter Sloterdijk‘s hugely ambitious and suggestive trilogy Spheres (1998-2004) to appear in English. Here he attempts nothing less than a metaphysical history of enclosed spaces, utopian or practical pods and domes, real and fantastical atmospheres or ecosystems.” Review (c) THE GUARDIAN 2012

Illustration: carpet by Margret Eicher Sloterdijk facing the Holy Inquisition of Trivial Taste


Free Pussy Riot !

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The True Blasphemy: a statement by the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek on the Pussy Riot trial (c) DANGEROUSMINDS.NET 2012
>Another text by the Nobel laureate Elfriede Jelinek (in German)


Underground with Mozart & Co.

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A new tourist attraction takes visitors underground where they can listen to Mozart, experience a model air raid shelter or run with the rats.” > Review
(c) 2012