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Book recommendation: “Sarajevo, 1941-45”

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On the changes
in the “ethnic” setup
of the city during war and fascism.

 Ithaca: Cornell UP, 2011.
 304 S., € 27.99 
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 >> review (in German)

‘Post/colonial’ & ‘multi-kulti’ Central Europe (necessary PS)

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An old friend of mine has pointed out  that in many countries (e.g. Canada), multiculturalism is misunderstood as multi-nationalism. According to him, each *nationality* within a multi-ethnic society constructs their little cultural backyard, an allotment garden as it were, with  hedges and garden gnomes. *Multikulti* then is a mere pretext for cultural segregation and *living out* your prevailing cultural narratives (one of the most polemic examples: Islamist attempts to introduce Sharia into western judiciary) without caring too much about the others and their cultures. Continue reading

Centenary of Mahler’s death

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Highly recommended blog on this and related topics >

>> “Entartete Musik”

EUro-sceptical theatre from the South East

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The polemical poster of one of the biggest theatre co-productions ever in the region
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Bridging the gap of war in Bosnia-Hercegovina: art & architecture

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(W.M. Pühringer)

Non-realized project of a bridging sculpture which tries to make destruction and re-connection visible: a critical supplement to the reconstruction of a fake medieval bridge which – notwithstanding its artisan virtuosity – can be seen as a cover-up of what happened during the war.

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Sisi in Maynooth

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Quoting Denis Feahy – “An Irishman’s Diary”
From: The Irish Times 20 April, 2010

“Monday, February 24th, 1879, began as a routine day for the 500 or so students at St Patrick’s College, Maynooth. They rose at 6.30am, went to the chapel for meditation and Mass, studied for an hour, ate breakfast at 8.30am and settled into a well established schedule of lectures, study, recreation and meal breaks. They could have no expectation that it would become one of the best-remembered days in the college’s history.

In Ashbourne, the members of the Ward Union Stag Hunting Club knew that the same Monday would be a special day. For the first time, they would be riding with Her Imperial Highness, Elizabeth, Empress of Austria, Sisi to her friends and the sporting empress to her admirers, a lady whose equestrian skills were known throughout Europe.

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Belgium: a never-ending story?

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Is it just political shadow boxing or has the last act of the “Flemish vs Walloon” tragicomedy already begun? However, Belgium is not Central Europe – or is it? Some food for thought for nationalists and Europeans.
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Belgium is like the unloved rich aunt in the nursing home, whose death is expected with impatience by her would-be heirs. However, auntie has been surviving quite a few serious illnesses throughout the years – only to be carried away by a simple flu one day. Is it so with Belgium this time – now that the country holds the dubious European record of not having a working new government more than a year after elections were held in 2010 after another year of political crisis?

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