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The “Scandal Concert” is turning 100

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“The Skandalkonzert of March 31, 1913 was a concert conducted by Arnold Schoenberg in the Great Hall of the Musikverein (Vienna Concert Society). “The audience, shocked by the expressionism and experimentalism of the Second Viennese School, began rioting, and the concert was ended prematurely. The fight between a concert organizer and Oscar Straus led to a trial.”

(c) WIKIPEDIA >more Illustration: caricature from DIE ZEIT, 6 April 1913


“The Europeans, no 8: Haydn”

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“The Austrian composer bridged the transition from writing music for patrons to writing for a paying audience” and “became one of Europe’s most respected composers in his day.” >text from THE EUROPEANS series (c) THE IRISH TIMES, 2013

‘The Bell Jar’ echoes 50 years on

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Sylvia Plath (1932-63) seems to be the Ingeborg Bachmann of North America. Her “relationship with her most famous work was not easy, but it retains its power after five decades.” In terms of today, she would be a writer with an Austrian/German “migration background.” >full article (c) THE IRISH TIMES, 2013

Another article: Who is Sylvia Plath? “Her role as a ‘casus belli’ in the battle of the sexes has also obscured the genius of this much-mythologised poet.” (c) FT 2013

“Splintered self”

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This time, the writing of Aleksandar Hemon is fully autobiographical: “To write about a life, you need a life to write about. Or you used to, anyway. Hemon, as his book’s title implies, has a surfeit. His are the multiple lives of the uprooted: the remembered life of his upbringing in Bosnia, the transposed life of the new immigrant to Chicago and the present life of the author, husband, father.”

>review (c) THE NEW STATESMAN, 2013

PS. Shakespearean ghosts of Sarajevo?

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In his recent Book of My Lives (p. 97-101), the Bosnian American author Aleksandar Hemon (see post above) digs out one of the best-hidden skeletons in the closets of the University of Sarajevo: Professor Nikola Nikola Koljević (1936-97), a Professor of English and internationally renowned Shakespeare expert. Continue reading

How A Old/Holy Book Was Saved

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A recent BBC documentary on how a 700 year old Jewish holy book was protected by the people of Sarajevo, during the 1992-1995 war. It is the oldest Jewish holy book still in use worldwide. (c) BBC & YouTube, 2012


Art Brut from America

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George W. Bush’s Dirty Little Secret

“In February, a hacker named Guccifer revealed to the world the hidden artistic talents of George W. Bush, releasing to The Smoking Gun a handful of photographs of oil paintings by the former president that had been taken from personal Bush family emails. The images were well-received by critics and laypeople alike, but they represented only a small portion of the budding outsider artist’s oeuvre.”

>read & see more (c) GAWKER.COM, 2013

Maybe these artworks should be exhibited at the Viennese Art Brut Center at the former mental institution of Gugging?