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A Curious Creation of Conflict

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“During the hellish Battle of Verdun that raged from February to December of 1916, approx. 60 million shells were blasted between the French and the Germans, leaving the people and the ground around them mutilated. This was a new and grisly type of war, yet there was an unexpected by-product of these mounds of used shell cases: trench art.” >text (c) 2013


How Europe Went To War

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How the lamps went out


“Strategy, bellicosity, blunder?

(…) A fresh look at the Great War’s deadly genesis.”

>Review of C. Clarks

bestselling book

The Sleepwalkers (2012)

(c) THE, 2012

“Tête à tête with Sisi”

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“As a person Sisi, the Austrian Empress Elisabeth, is world famous but the
individual behind the myth is largely unknown. Two new ‘manifestations’ of
her poetic diary are now giving the reader a chance to spend intimate hours
with this famous unknown woman.” >text (c) 2013

First Lady of Yugoslavia dies

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“Jovanka Broz (1924-2013) was the first wife of a Communist leader in Eastern
Europe to become a celebrity in her own right.” >text & photo (c) NYT, 2013
Alternative read (c) 2013

“Stories of the Danube”

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Joe Zawinul (1932-2007) recording his symphony “Stories of the Danube”: excerpts from the music & interview (c) earospace / youtube 2008

Iconoclasm in Vienna

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This work deals with a memorial to Austrian poet and Nazi Josef Weinheber (1892-1945) which stands at the Schillerpark in Vienna’s city centre. A temporary intervention aimed at exposing its conflicted history and leading to a permanent artistic reconfiguration and contextualization of the monument.
>more (c) Eduard Freudmann, 2013



An Irishman’s Diary in Hungary

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“Today in Budapest, flowers will be laid on the grave of Imre Nagy, prime minister, leader of the Hungarian revolution of 1956, and its most notable victim. The revolution against Soviet rule began on October 23rd and lasted 13 days until it was crushed on November 4th, when 2,000 Soviet tanks invaded Hungary.”
Text on the Hungarian uprising and its aftermath with János Kádár