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Undoing Lueger in Vienna

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Vienna in row over legacy of historic mayor Karl Lueger: the plans to change street signs bearing name of the antisemitic politician who inspired Hitler cause far right complaints >article (c) THE GUARDIAN, 2012


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4 years ago, the daughter of  Josef Fitzl was liberated from her father’s basement, after almost 25 years of  captivity and incest.

However, the aesthetics of the documentary not only investigates the dark side of white trash culture in Lower Austria – in its search for ‘fitting images’ for the almost unimaginable crime, it also reveals the stereotypical Othering of Austria in the cultural imaginary of Great Britain… (c) SKY & back2back, 2009

“Watching it happen…”

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The Canadian radio show Living Out Loud featured news reports from the early 1990’s and recordings with people who escaped the fighting in Bosnia and Croatia – also people who came to Canada before the wars broke out, people of Bosnian, Serb and Croatian background and their Canadian born children. All of them were interviewed separately in Toronto in 1992/ 1993, and then twenty years later >audio link (c) CBCradio, 2012
>More photos from Sarajevo, 1992-1995

Besetzt – Occupied!

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Occupied! is the current motto at the Wien Museum. A new exhibition explores the struggle for free spaces in the city. Between the “Happening of 100 Days“ in 1976 and the eviction of squatters from “Epizentrum Lindengasse” in 2011 Vienna has seen some turbulent times. Article (c), 2012

Political Manicheanism

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Political Pop Culture from Austria, or a little follow-up on stupid Rightpopulist propaganda: red is color of the Social Democratic ‘devil’, blue the national ‘forces of light’, spiced up with a bit of redneckism (Volk) under the disguise of grassroot democracy. However, it looks as if the devil were more muscled and in the winning position: intended by the amateur artist Richi Benz who drew this and posted it on facebook?

“Everything ‘national’ has become something really bush-league long ago.”
(THOMAS MANN, Werke, XIII: 743)

Biting (Sex?) Appeal

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20 April 1912 was not only the 23rd birthday of an unknown wanna-be named Hitler; it was also the day when Bram Stoker, author of the immortal Dracula novel, died. > GERMAN TEXT VERSION

“This is the textbook of vampirism, but the journalist Bram Stoker has turned it into a typewriter ad,” wrote the Austrian Alfred Kubin, himself a master of uncanny art, in a letter full of contempt in 1915. He has not been the only critic since trying to desecrate the tomb of the Anglo-Irish author. However, this has done little damage to the undead popularity of the literary work in question: Dracula (1897), apart from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818) probably the most successful undead monster of world literature; a novel that has never been out of print in its more than 110 years on the book market.

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Continent of Corruption

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Bribes as the Lubricant of Neoliberal Central Europe

Let’s be honest: the center of Europe is not just the region of phony Habsburg nostalgia and a shared cuisine. It is also the place where experienced patients hand over a box of chocolates (with a creatively hidden banknote) to the treating doctor and/or the nurse. Continue reading