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One of the most gruesome photos I know

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“The Bijeljina massacre refers to the killings of Bosniak civilians by the Serbian paramilitary group Arkan’s Tigers during the Bosnian war. Almost all victims were killed more than three years before the Srebrenica genocide (April-May 1992) when Serbs forces were torching Bosniak villages and killing Bosnian Muslim civilians in eastern Bosnia (Bijeljina, Bratunac, Srebrenica, Zvornik, Foca). Arkan’s Tigers, under JNA command, invaded Bijeljina on 1 April 1992. Local courts have not filed a single war-crimes indictment.The Research and Documentation Center in Sarajevo says some 1,040 people were killed in the town. Continue reading


Half-way there

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Anja Salomonowitz’ film Spanien is “the story of the Moldavian refugee Sava, who, en route to Spain, ends up in Austria’s Weinviertel region and finds work and accommodation in a church in need of restoration. Here, he meets Magdalena, a woman marked by ‘love’, and begins a relationship with her, as well as coming across her vengeful ex-husband.” > text (c), 2012

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St Colmán in Austria

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“WE ALL think ourselves martyrs to the Irish language, just because we were held hostage for a few years by Peig Sayers, or suffered mild torture at the hands of the modh coinniollach. But spare a thought for St Koloman (or Colmán of Austria), who may be history’s only recorded case of someone who did die – violently – for the cúpla focal.”
> text by Frank McNally (c) IRISH TIMES, 2012

Philosophical alternative to Freud’s couch

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The worldwide trend from America, namely seeking psychological support

from practicing philosophers, has been adopted in Serbia as well.

> text (c), 2012

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The rocket pioneer & Nazi collaborator Wernher von Braun would turn 100 today.

The terrible beauty of meat

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Some flesh is beautiful, some meat you can eat?

Activists of Anima Naturalis took part in a protest with fellow demonstrators wrapped in packaging labelled ‘carne humana’ (human meat) to promote vegetarianism in central Barcelona, Spain.


Gauck rules?

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Eventually, Germany got the president it has wanted for years. From now on, two “Ossis” rule the country.

A good choice in times when people are asking for more German “leadership” in Europe and others are spooked by it?

Analysis (c) NYT, 2012; photo by AP.