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Alternative Memorial for Hungary’s ordeal, 1944-45

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The Hungarian artist blogger LACI SZILY (sic;) has presented an alternative to the planned ‘Memorial of German Occupation, 1944/45’ in Budapest: Hitler is holding a Wiener Schnitzel in the shape of Greater Hungary in order to distract the Hungarian Puli dog which is being raped by a German shepherd… >more (in Hungarian)


“Vienna – Berlin: The Art of Two Cities”

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“Whereas the affinities in literature and music between Vienna and Berlin have been the subject of in-depth study in recent years, there is still a lot of ground to be covered in the visual arts. This is a desideratum that the Berlinische Galerie and the Vienna Belvedere have sought to overcome in a large-scale exhibition organized by both museums.” >review & photos (c) 2014

Vienna, Southern Station

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1483290_617509198309281_2116711391_nSüdbahnhof, the vanished train station of Vienna. Bombed down in 1945, re-erected in the 1950s and torn down again tp create the space needed for Vienna’s new Central Train Station. Image: an aquarell by F. Witt, ca 1900

Iconoclasm in Vienna

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This work deals with a memorial to Austrian poet and Nazi Josef Weinheber (1892-1945) which stands at the Schillerpark in Vienna’s city centre. A temporary intervention aimed at exposing its conflicted history and leading to a permanent artistic reconfiguration and contextualization of the monument.
>more (c) Eduard Freudmann, 2013



“A brush with the past”

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“Ahead of a major new exhibition of portraits from turn-of-the-century Vienna, the award-winning writer Edmund de Waal reveals his own family’s intimate links to the city.” >full text & photo album (c) THE INDEPENDENT, 2013
Ill. above: Portrait of Empress Elisabeth (1899) by Gyula Benczúr

Street Art in Vienna

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Following its traces in streets & galleries >full text (and more pics)
(c) 2013


State Security Art

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“A German artist who beamed these words onto the wall of the U.S. embassy in Berlin says Washington’s spy methods make the former East German secret police (the Stasi) look like boy scouts. A video of OLIVER BIENKOWSKI’s artwork, a project that came about in collaboration with internet activist Kim Dotcom, is fast becoming a hit on the Internet in Germany, tapping into widespread outrage over U.S. surveillance programs revealed by fugitive ex-National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden.” (reblogged from Revolution News)