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Judge Theodor Meron visits the former concentration camp of 1992.
Former prisoners of the camp expressed their anger that the Hague Tribunal’s
president (who is a Holocaust survivor himself) was not permitted to see all the
former buildings of Omarska during his visit.>full article
(c) Bosnian Genocide 26 Nov. 2013


WW2 genocides in Croatia/Bosnia

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“From August 1941 to April 1945, hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews, and Romas, as well as anti-fascists of many nationalities, were murdered at the death camp known as Jasenovac.” A  documentary with English subtitles. (Later, unfortunately, the camp of Jasenovac would me used to legitimize and/or relativize Serbian war crimes in the Yugoslav Succession Wars of the 1990s.)

The depressing Prison of Zenica

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In Zenica, Bosnia-Hercegovina, nowadays – in the prison built by the Austro-Hungarian colonial administration long ago as a disciplinary tool: “I’m a sucker for stories about disobedience, which is why I’m always eager to go on prison monitoring missions; everybody I end up meeting has a story, a cause and something or someone they’ve failed to obey.” >full story (c) 2013

The Baltic states

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in Soviet times, seen through the lens of local photographers.
>slideshow (c) 2013

Sleeping sunbathers in Lithuania

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“Photographer Tadao Cern spent a weekend photographing people as they slept on a public beach in Lithuania. The art project, entitled Comfort Zone, aims to explore how different surroundings can affect people’s behaviour and inhibitions.” >more (c) THE GUARDIAN, 2013

Watch a weird Wittgenstein

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“When last week we featured Bertrand Russell telling a story about his philosophical disciple Ludwig Wittgenstein, I mentioned in passing a film about the latter by Derek Jarman” shot 20 years ago. >more (c) open culture 2013


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SARAJEWO_Attentat Kopie
A German novel imagines: what if ?
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