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Nazi Weapon: Mosquitoes?

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This is almost surreal: “Mosquitoes as weapons? It was nearly a real-life threat during World War II, new research suggests.” >full text & photo (c) HUFF POST, 2014


Raoul Wallenberg 1912-47(?): savior & victim

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“A Swedish diplomat saved the lives of many Hungarian Jews in the Holocaust, but his fate since he was abducted by the Soviets in 1945 is unknown.”

A call to remember & research on the occasion of his 100th birthday.
>full text (c) HAARETZ, 2012   >video on Wallenberg (c) YouTube, 2011

A statue of Raoul Wallenberg in Tel Aviv: photo by Tomer Appelbaum
Upper photo: Wallenberg portrait in the Austrian Embassy, Budapest (c) EPA

The Waffen-SS as “European Freedom Fighters” – excuse me?

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“Despised & ostracized, the Swedish community of Waffen-SS volunteers long gathered in secret on April 14 (…) for obscure ritualistic annual gatherings at a cemetery in a Stockholm suburb.

Since the 1990s, the rituals have not needed to be clandestine: the few, now very elderly survivors now head to Sinimäe, Estonia, where they feel they are now getting the honor to which they are entitled. Here, Swedish, Norwegian, Austrian, German and other Waffen-SS veterans from Western Europe meet up with their Estonian comrades and neo-Nazi followers. (…)

According to the Tageszeitung, this March the Estonian parliament will now consider a law, which would formally designate the Estonian Waffen-SS veterans as “Freedom Fighters.” Article by Per A. Rudling (c) Defending, 2012

Interview with Dr. Rudling (c), 2012

Another unpunished massacre

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“In the spring of 1944, Nazi troops massacred hundreds of Italian civilians in the Ardeatine Caves near Rome. After World War II came to an end, however, the German government did little to track down the perpetrators. At the time, both Rome and Bonn were more interested in politics than justice.” Article by Klaus Wiegrefe

(c) DER SPIEGEL, 2012; photo (c) Koch/Bundesarchiv

Paris, 1940-44: “one big romp”?

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“A new book which suggests that the German occupation of France encouraged the sexual liberation of women has shocked a country still struggling to come to terms with its troubled history of collaboration with the Nazis.” >> READ MORE
(c) Patrick Buisson & The Sunday Times, 2008/2011

Book recommendation: “Sarajevo, 1941-45”

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On the changes
in the “ethnic” setup
of the city during war and fascism.

 Ithaca: Cornell UP, 2011.
 304 S., € 27.99 
 >> more info
 >> review (in German)