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Small city with great potential

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Maribor, only 15 kilometres from the Austrian border and just under a half of an hour by car from Graz, was mainly known as Slovenia’s most important industrial town in the past. Today. The city with its 95,000 inhabitants is also known beyond the country’s borders for its excellent wine. Yet even in architecture Maribor has been able to shape its own identity over the past two decades.” >full text

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Districts: Karlín, Prague

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“The 8th district of Prague extending from the centre to the northern city limits has over 100,000 inhabitants. Apart from industrial estates in Bohnice and Kobylisy it has ten nature conservation areas. Slightly off the beaten tourist track and yet quite close to the city centre, the district of Karlín has undergone positive changes in the last decade. Its history and present status are examined in this article.”

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Districts: Sarajevo Starigrad

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“Stari Grad, the Sarajevo Old Town, is the historical core of the city. It is in the eastern part of Sarajevo and includes 16 residential areas, including Alifakovac, Baščaršija, Bentbaša, Vratnik and Bistrik. Its area of 55 km² represents 37 per cent of the city and makes it the largest district.” >full text from the “Districts” series (c), 2012