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Prora: the Nazi beach resort built for 10,000

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“An imposing, austere row of buildings stretches for almost three miles along the east coast of Rügen, a German island in the Baltic Sea. Blocky and bleak, their unadorned design suggests a prison. But these buildings were meant for leisure: they form part of a Nazi-built seaside resort.” >full text (c) Atlas Obscura / SLATE, 2014


Guided Tour to a City’s Corruption

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“While the Prague Castle, above, is a must-see for visitors, a bus tour of a variety of city sites known for corruption has been a growing tourist attraction, according to the tour operators.” >full text (c) NYT, 2013; photo (c) Mlan Bures, IHT

In the footsteps of Josefine Mutzenbacher

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What does ‘Bambi’ have to do with a Viennese prostitute of the 19th century? What is the ‘cushion method’ or even a ‘porcelain ride’? These and similar questions are answered in the guided walk ‘Josefine Mutzenbacher – the paths of desire in Old Vienna’. Curious?”

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Hallstatt copied

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“The UNESCO World Heritage village of Hallstatt in Austria has been around for a couple of 1000 years. But, its much newer Chinese look-a-like, built near the prosperous town ofHuizhou, has just opened for business. China Minmetals Corporation spent roughly $960 million creating a replica of Hallstatt—hoping to attract homegrown tourists and investment. Brand new homes built in the vintage European style lay empty, awaiting wealthy Chinese to snatch them up. While the first Chinese visitors took in the spectacle, the inhabitants of the Austrian original had mixed feelings.” Video (c) NTDTV, 4 June 2012