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The Full Irish, Freudian Style

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‘His book includes at least one Irish joke, which Freud (above) considered very interesting. It’s an old joke, from the 19th century. And it must be said that, while few witticisms remain funny after Freud has analysed them, this one was struggling even before it reached the couch.’ >full text (c) THE IRISH TIMES


Roma Stand Against Prejudice in Hungarian University

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“Two people of Roma origin and an activist who fought a two-year battle to ban course material they found racially offensive at one of Hungary’s most respected universities have finally won an apology and the promise of a scholarship for a Roma student.”>text (c) Emerging Europe / WSJ, 2013; image (c) WAZ, 2013

Viennese (Stereo)Types

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The Fiaker driving his horse-drawn carriage around Hofburg Palace, the café waiter serving a Melange, the local musicians entertaining guests at the local wine taverns (the Heuriger):  stereotypical images that come up when you think of Vienna (and that are played on by the Austrian tourism industry). The exhibition Vienna Types – Cliché and Reality at the WienMuseum explains why, as it traces  the stereotypoes back to the social history of the city. >full text
(c) 2013 >German version

Why DracuLand still stokes British anxieties

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Past and present attitudes to Romanian and Bulgarian immigration in the UK
>full text & illustration (c) BBC HISTORY, 2013

“L’ Europe du goût”

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This is a gastronomic map of European “taste” hanging in a French hospital:
Interestingly, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, and the rest of CEE don’t seem to exist here. Photo (c) Sabine Burg, 2013


Olypmic stereotyping

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London 2012: A 12-part guide to the UK in 212 words each by Jon Kelly & Husain Husaini >full text (c) BBC News Magazine, 2012

Yanko Tsvetkov’s stereotype maps

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“It’s well known that Americans have a disarmingly blunt view of other nationalities, but seeing such brazen prejudices laid out, country by country, might shock even them. This is the world as depicted by graphic artist Yanko Tsvetkov. It is also a world in which gay men view Ireland as ‘being in denial’ and Greeks see the rest of Europe as a ‘Union of Stingy Workaholics’. Plus, read Tim Dowling’s interview with Yanko Tsvetkov: ‘Is it what they think of us?'” (c) THE GUARDIAN, 2012

>More maps