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‘The Fragmentary, Mystical Thought of W.B.’

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“The 1993 experimental film above—One Way Street: Fragments for Walter Benjamin—is part documentary, part low-budget cable-access editing exercise. The film provides an introduction to Benjamin’s life and thought through interviews with scholars, re-enactments of his last days, and montages centered around his many aphoristic expressions.” >full text (c) open culture 2013

>another film: Flâneur III: Benjamin’s Shadow (1998)



“Save Walter Benjamin from his fans!”

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Today it is 72 years ago that Walter Benjamin committed suicide at the French-Spanish border. Stephan Wackwitz dissevers literature from science, holiness from genius in the legends of this literary critic who has served as pillar saint for many.

Text (c) DIE WELT /, 2010

Image: the monument Passages by Israeli artist Dani Karavan in Portbou, Spain, commemorating Walter Benjamin. Photo (c) picture-alliance / akg-images

500 Years of Crisis

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Spain has frittered away its chances for economic development for the second time. The first was after it discovered the Americas in 1492, and the second was after it joined the European Union in 1986. The anti-economic thinking that has dominated Spain is rooted in its history and culture.” >Excerpts from an article published by Süddeutsche Zeitung (c), 2012

The terrible beauty of meat

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Some flesh is beautiful, some meat you can eat?

Activists of Anima Naturalis took part in a protest with fellow demonstrators wrapped in packaging labelled ‘carne humana’ (human meat) to promote vegetarianism in central Barcelona, Spain.