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Alternative Memorial for Hungary’s ordeal, 1944-45

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The Hungarian artist blogger LACI SZILY (sic;) has presented an alternative to the planned ‘Memorial of German Occupation, 1944/45’ in Budapest: Hitler is holding a Wiener Schnitzel in the shape of Greater Hungary in order to distract the Hungarian Puli dog which is being raped by a German shepherd… >more (in Hungarian)


“A monument of self-pity and self-justification” for Hungary

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The renowned Hungarian American historian István Deák on the Monument of German Occupation, 1944-45, which is planned in Budapest by the right-wing nationalist FIDEZ government > text (c) Hungarian Spectrum, 2014
photo of monument draft (c) FACEBOOK, 2014

“A History Lesson, Airbrushed”

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Ganzseitiger Faxausdruck

Generation War, which was broadcast as a mini-series on German television last year, is perhaps more interesting as an artifact of the present than as a representation of the past. As tWW2 slips from living memory, as Germany asserts its dominant role in Europe with increasing confidence, and as long-suppressed information emerges from the archives of former Eastern bloc countries, the war’s cultural significance for Germans has shifted.”>review (c) NYT, 2014
>trailer (c) musicbox films

Did Nazi spies like Ireland?

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“Research for a thriller set in 1940s Ireland revealed an influx of German agents who despaired about their gossipy, amateurish Irish sympathisers.” >full text & photo (c) IRISH TIMES, 2013

German – Greek Paybacks

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“As Germans push austerity, Greeks press Nazi-era claims.”>article (c) NYT, 2013

“Tragic massacre(s) in Volyn remembered”

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“Ukrainians call it a tragedy, for Poles it was a massacre. Between February 1943 and February 1944, units of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) killed up to 100,000 Poles in Volyn and eastern Galicia, former Polish territories now in western Ukraine. (…) Around 20,000 Ukrainians also died at the hands of Poles or Ukrainians who saw them as too close to the hated occupiers.”
>full article (c) THE ECONOMIST, 2013

Minnesota man accused of Nazi war crimes

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michael karkoc
Michael Kardoc, commander of a SS-led unit “accused of burning villages filled with women and children, lied to American immigration officials to get into the United States and has been living in Minnesota since shortly after World War II, according to evidence uncovered by The Associated Press.” Behind this archetypical story the ugly face of Ukrainian nationalist Nazi collaboration in the Holocaust appears once again. >full text & video (c) HUFFINGTON POST, 2013

>Additional information (c) CANADA.COM 2013