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Debated circumcision

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A fierce debate has been raging in Germany and Austria for weeks how ‘lawful’ the religiously motivated circumcision of little Jewish and Muslim boys is… Does it conflict with the basic human rights of personal integrity and self-determination? Or is it a sign of closet xenophobia against religious groups? See the articles below.

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Atheism on the radar

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The “god question” explodes in our face. Particularly the English-language book market has become the battle ground for more or less intelligent skirmishes between evolutionists and creationists, believers, agnostics, and atheists. Two reviews:

>1 on Terry Eagleton, Reason, Faith, and Revolution (c), 2012

>2 on Alain de Botton, Religion for Atheists
Gavin Flood, The Importance of Religion

Alex Rosenberg: The Atheist’s Guide to Reality
(c) FT, 2012

The Medjugorje myth is turning 30

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Visit to an illicit place of pilgrimage

When you come to Bosnia, you can read the magical name Medjugorje on hyper-modern coaches on their way through the bumpy streets of Sarajevo, bringing mostly elderly people to the place of their destination. And if you still were so naive to believe that true religion and two-fisted business are mutually exclusive, you are taught a lesson now: the money changers have long since returned to the (golden) temple, believe it or not. Continue reading