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Vienna, Southern Station

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1483290_617509198309281_2116711391_nSüdbahnhof, the vanished train station of Vienna. Bombed down in 1945, re-erected in the 1950s and torn down again tp create the space needed for Vienna’s new Central Train Station. Image: an aquarell by F. Witt, ca 1900


In memoriam Central Europe

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Eric Hobsbawm (1917-2012), the great historian, travels from his native Vienna to Bratislava (formerly Pressburg). A train journey of a mere 35 miles takes him through a tiny landscape that has seen some of the most turbulent political changes of the century – from the lost world of the Habsburgs to Europe’s newest state, Slovakia. ‘Nationalism is not compatible with the progress of history,’ says Hobsbawm.” video portrait (c) VIMEO, 2012