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Chaste bordello novel

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Im Haus zur roten Laterne

Neuausgabe / new edition: Der heilige Skarabäus (1909) krabbelt wieder.
Rezension des “Unsittenromans” von Else Jerusalem aus Fin-de-siècle Wien.

Review in English below the German text. Illustration: poster of the film adaptation.
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Reconsidering prostitution in Germany

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German sex workers
“Germany rethinks its liberal ways on sex workers. Prostitution was decriminalised in ‘the bordello of Europe’ in 2002. Now feminists want to overturn that law.” The sex workers resist. >text & photo (c) THE GUARDIAN, 2013

In the footsteps of Josefine Mutzenbacher

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What does ‘Bambi’ have to do with a Viennese prostitute of the 19th century? What is the ‘cushion method’ or even a ‘porcelain ride’? These and similar questions are answered in the guided walk ‘Josefine Mutzenbacher – the paths of desire in Old Vienna’. Curious?”

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“Whores’ Glory”

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Whore’s Glory is the last movie in Austrian director Michael Glawogger’s trilogy about the globalization of the proletariat, which also includes Megacities (1998) and Workingman’s Death (2005). It deals with prostitution inside three culturally different environments (Thailand, Bangladesh, Mexico), stepping deeper into the world’s oldest profession than any film before.” >MORE / interview, stills, trailer
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Chester Brown: Paying For It

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“There’s a new Brown book out this weekend, however, that may test the tolerance of those whose affection for Brown starts and ends with his illustrated biography of Métis leader Louis Riel.  Called Paying for It, the “comic-strip memoir” tracks Brown’s sexual adventures in the past 12 years with more than 20 female “escorts” in Toronto. Smart, unflinchingly honest, frequently funny, occasionally charming – and chock-full of nudity.” Article by James Adams (c) THE GLOBE & MAIL, 2011