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Thomas Bernhard weiß Bescheid

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Er wünscht der neuen österreichischen Bundesregierung einen schönen Angelobungstag!

Oder: ein Ösi erklärt dem Piefke seine kleine Welt.


(c) Andrea Schaffar


“Who are the protesters in Ukraine?”

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Ukraine Protests“The following is a guest post from political scientists Keith Darden (American University) & Lucan Way (University of Toronto) addressing the question of who is  protesting in Ukraine, and how much support do the protesters actually have.  Their conclusion: Ukraine’s protests may not be driven by the far right, but they are not supported by a clear majority of Ukrainians … and neither is a turn toward Europe.” >full text (c) WASHINGTON POST, 2014

Understanding Ukraine

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Questions about the country in turmoil you are probably to embarrased to ask >full text (c) WASHINGTON POST, 2014. Another 10 questions (c) Business Insider

“Ukraine: The New Dictatorship”

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An analysis by the renowned Yale historian Timothy Snyder (c) NYR, 2014

“Bosnia, in Peril Once More”

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“Early in President Obama’s first term, in May 2009, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. paid a visit to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Addressing the Parliament, he told Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian members, ‘My country is worried. (…) We have seen a sharp and dangerous rise in nationalist rhetoric.'”
>full text & illustration (c) NYT, 2013

Anti-Communist propaganda

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“Horror movies and Weird Tales magazine have given us some beautiful, spooky and unnerving works of art. But if you really want a dose of scary brilliance? Check out the posters that warned people of the evils of Communism. These are scarier, and more beautiful, than pretty much any horror art you’ve seen.”
>photo album (c) 2013

“Scandal in Bohemia”

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The Absinthe drinker’s “temptress seems a fitting muse for a city where the absurdities of the public realm have often encouraged a retreat into the alcoholic and the erotic.” Very good article by one of the leading Bohemists of our day (c) NYT, 2013