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“Ukraine: The New Dictatorship”

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An analysis by the renowned Yale historian Timothy Snyder (c) NYR, 2014


“Nationalist Copyright on WW1?”

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“As we are entering the anniversary of the centenary with the outbreak of World War One, controversies over how to commemorate the past are heating up. A few day ago, I published a comment  in the Austrian daily Die Presse on debates and controversies over the commemoration of World War One. As unfortunately these debates are mostly published in German (and Serbian) only. Thus, some key points and links here.” Reblogged text by Florian Bieber, professor of SE European Studies, University of Graz

“Bosnia, in Peril Once More”

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“Early in President Obama’s first term, in May 2009, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. paid a visit to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Addressing the Parliament, he told Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian members, ‘My country is worried. (…) We have seen a sharp and dangerous rise in nationalist rhetoric.'”
>full text & illustration (c) NYT, 2013

International Exhibition Incident

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New tensions between EU pillars Germany and France fought in the cultural field? De L’Allemagne, “an exhibition of art in the Louvre has provoked fury in Germany for portraying the country as a dark and dangerous neighbour – has it ignored key movements deliberately, or is it all a matter of taste?”
photo: detail from Max Beckmann’s The Hell of Birds (c) The Louvre
>full text (c) THE IRISH TIMES, 2013


A Venial Sin of History

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Reminiscences of the Czech-Slovak divorce twenty years ago

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Kusturica’s Nationalist Disneyland

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“On 28 June, which is the anniversary of the battle of Kosovo, the Bosnian Serb film maker was going to inaugurate Andrićgrad: a town (theme park?) built to celebrate the work of writer Ivo Andrić. Belgrade journalist Boško Jakšić dénonces a project, which he claims is intent on instrumentalising history and memory for nationalist ends.” Full text (c) 2012

Another text (c) THE GUARDIAN, 2012


Schnitzel-Land silenced?

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On the alleged decline of the ‚Austrian’ language.

Language seems to be a hot topic in Austria this year. After a series of other incidents, the Viennese daily Die Presse alarmed the sunny nation last Sunday that the Austrian variant of German is in danger of extinction. A survey among first-year students of German at the University of Vienna carried out by linguist Peter Wiesinger has revealed that one third of the young adults use German-German expressions even in cases where there is an Austrian word, eg. Junge instead of Bub („boy“, „lad“). Continue reading