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Prora: the Nazi beach resort built for 10,000

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“An imposing, austere row of buildings stretches for almost three miles along the east coast of Rügen, a German island in the Baltic Sea. Blocky and bleak, their unadorned design suggests a prison. But these buildings were meant for leisure: they form part of a Nazi-built seaside resort.” >full text (c) Atlas Obscura / SLATE, 2014


The art Hitler dismissed as ‘filth’

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Adolf Hitler and other Nazi officials at the Dada wall at the Degenerate Art exhibition, July 16, 19

“Degenerate Art”: The Attack on Modern Art in Nazi Germany, 1937. This New York exhibition revisits not only Germany’s ‘Degenerate Art’ show that destroyed so many artistic careers, but the Nazi rhetoric that made the exhibition possible. >review
(c) THE GUARDIAN, 2014

PS. Great Moments in Sarcasm: Freud & the Nazis

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“In 1938, after much harassment by the Gestapo, Sigmund Freud was permitted to leave Austria on the condition that he sign a document stating that he’d been treated with all the respect and consideration due to my scientific reputation, that I could live and work in full freedom.
This was, of course, completely untrue. But, as a Jew who’d been named an enemy of the Reich, his books specifically targeted for burning when the Nazis came to power in Germany five years earlier, Freud had little choice but to sign. He could not, however, resist adding a postscript: I can most highly recommend the Gestapo to everyone.” (c), 2011

“It is Time for a Guinneß…”

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“Newly discovered paintings by John Guilroy, the artist behind much of Guinness’s pre-war advertising, reveal that the Dublin brewery had considered promoting the drink in Nazi Germany.” (c) SUNDAY TIMES, 18.01.2014

Nazi Weapon: Mosquitoes?

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This is almost surreal: “Mosquitoes as weapons? It was nearly a real-life threat during World War II, new research suggests.” >full text & photo (c) HUFF POST, 2014

“A monument of self-pity and self-justification” for Hungary

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The renowned Hungarian American historian István Deák on the Monument of German Occupation, 1944-45, which is planned in Budapest by the right-wing nationalist FIDEZ government > text (c) Hungarian Spectrum, 2014
photo of monument draft (c) FACEBOOK, 2014

“My romance in a town haunted by its Nazi past”

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“I was a young Jewish woman dating an older man, but I couldn’t escape Vienna’s dark history, or my fears about his.” The following is adapted fromEverything Is Going to Be Great: An Underfunded and Overexposed European Grand Tour,” Rachel Shukert’s just-published memoir of traveling and living in Europe in her very early 20s. This excerpt takes place in Vienna, in the summer of 2003. >full text & illustration (c) SALON, 2014
PS. Why are these bitter sweet & slightly kitschy stories – a sort of Nazi romance/porn – so highly in demand in the English-speaking world?