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James Joyce’s “Dirty Letters” to His Wife Nora

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“The letters are by turns pornographic, erotic, romantic, poetic, and often downright funny, and they were written for Nora’s eyes alone in a correspondence initiated by her in November of 1909, while Joyce was in Dublin and she was in Trieste raising their two children in very straitened circumstances. Nora hoped to keep Joyce away from prostitutes by feeding his fantasies in writing, and Joyce needed to woo Nora again—she had threatened to leave him for his lack of financial support.”>full text
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“The Shadowy Soul of Joseph Roth”

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“In a collection of his letters newly-translated and edited by [our dear young colleague] Michael Hofmann, Joseph Roth is given a new stage for his linguistic genius and vigilant criticism, as well as his inability to use that critical vision to save himself from himself.” Review (c) THE VIENNA REVIEW, 2012

From Ghandi to Hitler with Love?

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This letter was allegedly written by Mahatma Gandhi to Adolf Hitler on 23 July 1939: is it authentic or fabricated? There were letters written indeed, it seems; but this one? >more Btw., a controversial movie on this topic was shot in 2011.


Samuel Beckett’s love for Germany

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The Irish playwright held a long affection for Germany – one that began early and eventually led to his role in the French resistance during World War II, as detailed in a collection of his letters.

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