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Monument-Building Boom in the Balkans

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Oluja 95

“Hundreds of war memorials have been built since the Balkan conflicts, but some governments exert no control over how much public money is spent or whether new monuments provoke ethnic tensions.” >text (c) 2013



Between South Korea, Austria & Kosovo

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On Anna Kim’s novel Frozen Time (2010)

“Written by the South Korean-born author, who moved to Austria from Germany aged seven and regards German as her mother tongue, the narrative follows a young researcher in Vienna’s Red Cross Tracing Service as she attempts to help a Kosovan man discover what happened to his wife during the war in former Yugoslavia.” > article (c) A Year of Reading in the World, 2012 (reblogged)

> homepage Anna Kim (c) photo.

Pop Music & Nationalism

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Culture is a battle ground for significance and distinction… a never ending story.

Example: the Serbo-Canadian rap group Illuminati X (FKA Street Team Balkan Beasts) which made itself a name for its nationalistic lyrics…

Self-victimization and comparative suffering serve as a legitimizing strategy –
for more violence?