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“Stories of the Danube”

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Joe Zawinul (1932-2007) recording his symphony “Stories of the Danube”: excerpts from the music & interview (c) earospace / youtube 2008


On the Danger of Totalitarianism

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The Nexus Institute invited the speakers of the Nexus Conference How to Change the World to grant them a short interview. All speakers accepted and shared their valuable insights; one of them was the renowned Hungarian philosopher Agnes Heller (c) THE NEXUS INSTITUTE / youtube 2013

‘Shards’ – Leaving Bosnia (or not)

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“There is a long & important history of memoirs & fictions, and hybrids of the two, that address the aftermath of war (particularly the Yugoslav Succession Wars of the 1990s). Shards, the impressive first novel by Ismet Prcic, finds inventive ways to interrogate the anguish of enduring and then escaping Bosnia during the war (1992-95). The novel is constructed of fragments — shards — seemingly written by its main character, Ismet Prcic. Ismet grows up in Tuzla and manages to flee shortly before his induction into the “meat grinder” of the Bosnian infantry. He has survived and made his way to America, but is fractured by what he left behind.” >full review & illustration (c) NYT, 2011; interview with the author (c) Suhrkamp/youtube, 2013


“A Personal Story of Remembrance & War”

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Aspen Institute President Walter Isaacson interviews Marie Jana Korbel(ová) – aka. the US ex-foreign minister Madeleine Albright – about her latest book, a memoir of her childhood days in Prague (c) ASPEN INSTITUTE / YOUTUBE, 2012

“Murdered, buried, denied”

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If “writing poem about Auschwitz is barbaric, as German philosopher Theodor W. Adorno claimed: what about feature films on genocide? In this case Body Complete (about the Srebrenica massacre) by Austrian director Lukas Sturm >interview (c) 2013

Interview with HER

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Interview (c) MoMa / YouTube, 2012

A current exhibition of Marina Abramović‘s works is currently on @ Gallery Krinzinger, Vienna.

Eco: ‘It’s culture, not war, that cements European identity’

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The writer and semiologist Umberto Eco advocates a sexual revolution to make us all ‘European’. Interview by Gianni Riotti, La Stampa;

English (c) THE GUARDIAN, 2012; photo: Sarah Lee