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Thomas Bernhard in Delhi

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Thomas Bernhard, “the great Austrian author, created several curious characters in his short play The German Lunch Table. (…) When I first read the play, I wondered if it could be adapted for Indian stage, especially in the context of the Sikh pogrom in November 1984 in the days following the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards.” A contribution to the cultural memory debate re: political violence from a cross-cultural perspective. >full text & photo/s
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Nazi merchandising?

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A MEN’S clothes store in India is being asked to change its name after the chosen ‘Hitler’ upsets the local community.”

Summer canard, naïveté or evil business – taking the vile merchandising & ‘branding’ of Nazi history a step further…?

And what is the Gandhi-Tshirt suupposed to mean?


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From Ghandi to Hitler with Love?

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This letter was allegedly written by Mahatma Gandhi to Adolf Hitler on 23 July 1939: is it authentic or fabricated? There were letters written indeed, it seems; but this one? >more Btw., a controversial movie on this topic was shot in 2011.


Labskaus with dumplings & Dal

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Do you know Labskaus? It’s the traditional sailor’s food north of Hamburg: a stodge of beef, beetroot, pickles, onions, herring, and potatoes, all cooked and then squeezed through a meat grinder. Haters of this dish – because of its gross appearance – compare it to vomit, half digested and then spat out. Those who have got used to the vague taste of it praise Labskaus to the skies as a delicacy.

A mishmash of fish and meat: that’s also how globalization is understood by its opponents. People in favor, however, love to compare it to the nifty evening buffet, where everyone takes what s/he wants (and needs?): sushi, dumplings – plus a bit of Dal, the traditional Indian lentil dish.

This brings us back to Central Europe, where recently an unprecedented German-Austrian film experiment was televised (with Indian spices): Bollywood lässt Alpen glühen (‘Bollywood makes the Alps glow’) is the latest stroke of genius in German commercial TV for which, as we know, Continue reading