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The depressing Prison of Zenica

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In Zenica, Bosnia-Hercegovina, nowadays – in the prison built by the Austro-Hungarian colonial administration long ago as a disciplinary tool: “I’m a sucker for stories about disobedience, which is why I’m always eager to go on prison monitoring missions; everybody I end up meeting has a story, a cause and something or someone they’ve failed to obey.” >full story (c) 2013


Debated circumcision

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A fierce debate has been raging in Germany and Austria for weeks how ‘lawful’ the religiously motivated circumcision of little Jewish and Muslim boys is… Does it conflict with the basic human rights of personal integrity and self-determination? Or is it a sign of closet xenophobia against religious groups? See the articles below.

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Ukrainian ‘genocide envy’?

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The heated debate about the Canadian Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg and its representation of Holocaust and “Holomodor”: Ukrainian organizations in conflict with international scholars (see the open letter by the latter and an article in The Globe & Mail on the subject matter)

Human Rights in Hungary

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A report by the US State Department
to be read as a piece of cultural analysis.

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