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“Yes, some Poles were Nazi collaborators”

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imrs.php copyToday is International Holocaust Remembrance Day… Yesterday the Polish Parliament approved a controversial draft law outlawing the term “Polish extermination camp” and criminalizing discussion of any Polish crimes relating to the Holocaust. However, you cannot just legislate uncomfortable historical facts away:

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“How History Broke Us”

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“How to tell the story of the rise and destruction of European Jews? Perhaps the most compelling way is through family history, as David Laskin does in his fascinating new book.” >review & photo (c) THE DAILY BEAST, 2013

Surviving on Music

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How Alice Herz-Sommer, the oldest Holocaust witness, survived the horrific ordeal of Theresienstadt (Terezín) with music. >article (c) open culture 2013
The former concentration camp >photos

WW2 genocides in Croatia/Bosnia

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“From August 1941 to April 1945, hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews, and Romas, as well as anti-fascists of many nationalities, were murdered at the death camp known as Jasenovac.” A  documentary with English subtitles. (Later, unfortunately, the camp of Jasenovac would me used to legitimize and/or relativize Serbian war crimes in the Yugoslav Succession Wars of the 1990s.)

It’s not always ‘us versus them’…

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Muslim woman covers the yellow star of her Jewish neighbor with her veil on the
streets of Sarajevo in 1941. Photo (c), 2013

‘Banality of Evil’ Revisited

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Hannah Arendt employed this memorable phrase in both the subtitle and closing words of Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil, her book on the trial of Nazi lieutenant-colonel Adolf Eichmann. To Arendt’s mind, Eichmann willingly did his part to organize the Holocaust — and an instrumental part it was — out of neither anti-semitism nor pure malice, but out of a non-ideological, entirely more prosaic combination of careerism and obedience. Readers have argued ever since its publication about this characterization, and those with a special interest in how Arendt arrived there can find in the New Yorker‘s online archives the original series of “Eichmann in Jerusalem” articles out of which the book grew.”>full text
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‘The Fragmentary, Mystical Thought of W.B.’

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“The 1993 experimental film above—One Way Street: Fragments for Walter Benjamin—is part documentary, part low-budget cable-access editing exercise. The film provides an introduction to Benjamin’s life and thought through interviews with scholars, re-enactments of his last days, and montages centered around his many aphoristic expressions.” >full text (c) open culture 2013

>another film: Flâneur III: Benjamin’s Shadow (1998)