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How Ordinary Germans Did “It”

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sold Kopie
“Growing consciousness of the Holocaust in both academic scholarship and society in general became evident in the late 1970s and intensified in the 1980s. Initially, important research focused on the different roles of Hitler, Nazi ideology, and the structure of the dictatorship in shaping the decision-making process that led to the Holocaust. Research also concentrated on the complicity of various professions and institutions in the Third Reich, and particularly on the SS. Still lacking was careful empirical study of how Nazi racial policy was also carried out by “ordinary” Germans.” >text (c) NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS, 2013


What the Soldaten did

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Soldaten: On Fighting, Killing and Dying
The Secret Second World War Tapes of German POWs

“A new book (by Sönke Neitzel & Harald Welzer) based on transcripts of secretly recorded conversations between German prisoners of war reveals much about the involvement of ordinary soldiers in the atrocities committed by the Third Reich.” >review & photo (c) IT, 2013